“One thing that I desired
And I will seek after
Is to dwell in the
House of the Lord
To admire your beauty
And enquire in your Temple
One thing that I desired and I will seek after.”

Say with me beloved
This is my one desire
This is my true and only purpose
To seek the Lord and His fullness
And dwell therein
Yes to dwell, abide and reside
In the holy of holies
All the days of my life

And now though I may walk through
The valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil for thou art with me
Your presence comforts
And ushers me to your Throne
The Throne of Grace

Lord we are living epistles in your hands
Written by the love and heart of the Father
You have gathered our days in a book
And made us to know you are in control
In fact, on our hearts you have written eternity
We want to live eternally

Usher us into that day where
All our toil and strivings shall cease
Where your beauty and heavenly place
Will overwhelm and welcome us into
Father we long for that day
We ask for that day
Lord, please prepare us for that day