Ten years from now we are having an argument
About who approached whom.
About who kissed whom first.
So I came back in time to let you know in time
That I took the leap of faith to ask you…
Where you actually wanted for our first date??!

I may not be able to solve all your problems now.
My promise to you is that you will never be alone.
I will stand by your side until my breath separates from my own body.
I will close the void of your loneliness and confusion.

I saw you when
The leaves fell on the ground.
The sky turned grey.
The world grew colder.
As my heart turned warm.

The world grew warm.
My heart turned cold.
I missed you.
As the leaves grew back from the soil.
The sky suddenly turned into blue.
As your eyes light up the sky.

My house smelled like herbs of your perfume, lightening my house.
I fell for you in your favourite season
While you were dancing barefoot on the cold winter rain.

Dearest heart, don’t let me down at this moment.
I have no time to waste,
I’m totally out of words.
I’m losing control over this warm feeling.
Your love, babe, has overtaken me
And my whole life,
I cannot think of anything besides you face
I can’t deny you.
Your love brings tastes to my heart,

The flavour is deep within our feelings.
You make every day worth looking forward to,
Without you, I find myself completely lost and blue.
So please don’t make me wait any longer,
Promise to hold your hand, babe,
Forever you will be mine.
By answering that one future call with “I do”