One or two new words (a day)
I am fascinated to hear
from a Tanzanian national
out Site C Khayelitsha way

(we are at the Whizz ICT Centre
their Youth Centre launched
joyous students now graduated
it’s time for networking over a meal)

One or two new words (a day)
he sets himself to acquire
this technician, civil engineer
and mathematician too

He reminds me of the book
about writing I said I’d bring

(The Write Track
A Handbook for Young Writers
Thinkers and Learners
found on a Rotary Club collection
for our little school out here)

One or two new words (a day)
his own children are impressed
a young one following him
in his habit of having a book
as his constant companion

(the young one even asking
what the matter might be
when he is not reading)

One or two new words (a day)
and we don’t even have to think
whether your everyday cuss-words
and parliamentary lingo counts

One or two new words (a day)
that is all it takes