I heard your call
Coming to me at different angles
Through your proclamation
It came like mist passing the window of my ears
Yes! I heard it with its coldness
When beetles whistle approaching
The cloudless blue space
The stars and moon quivered in the cold night
It was like ten nights
Even though my people say;
“After sunset put down your axe,
The night is fearsome, it can bite”
Then I decided to be a slave of one night.

I approached you
We talked, walked, and laughed
My heart was already kindled with the fire of love
I needed you to kindle yours too
But your eye and voice opposed each other
I ended up caught between these two devils
You were difficult
But your eyes gave me hope
Lifted me to the crown of life
I knew we‘d meet again
And have another night
Which is more than ten nights like this
Only time will tell.