I wish I could turn back the clock
One day I wish I could bring
Happiness, joy
In everyone’s faces.
One day
I’m going to do it as alone
With no pain, no gain, no stress
I believe I can
One day they will never forget that I was ever here.
One day I will leave a mark
In their hearts
They will wish that I could come back
I won’t be there for ever
They will forget that I brought change in their lives
One day I’m gonna wear that graduation gown
They won’t believe it
They will think and say is that her?
How did she make it?

Their faces will be full of surprise
They will be shocked
Before I leave this earth
I will wear it
They will talk & never stop
I will let them talk
I will them surprised
One day
Watch the space
It’s not going to be about them
One day it’s going to be about me ONE DAY ..