Silence presents an essence
In the morning dew,
His absence, a series of horrors
That bring her terror.

Her mind, represents a man
With a bucket and a mop on the edge of an ocean.
Masks are her favorite toys, masks and mascara.
She tries to hide the pain that drives her insane.

Heels just high enough
To raise her above
The floods inside of her,
She drowns in those each night.

Tries to drown them down
With a bottle or two, three won’t kill.
She snacks on sleeping pills
Yet it kills her still.

Loss of a heart she once called home
Caused her wounds that don’t want to heal.
Ever after could’ve been real
If only he was here still.

Now, ever after presents itself
As a fairy-tale song
She sings along to with tears in her eyes
And wounds in her heart

Once upon a time was once
A fairy-tale song they’d sing along to, together.
With hope in their palms
And love in their arms.

Once upon a time,
Never warned her that
Forever was too close.
Once upon a time
Never clothed her in armour
Strong enough to handle the pain of loss.