Like sandpaper, her hands are rough
With a crusty scaly skin
Like that of a tortoise
Dusty dirt-coated feet
With cracked heels
Her face, shrivelled and ugly
With no traces of beauty
So lanky and thin-armed

She wobbles her stooped anatomy
Out of her jerry built pole and daga shanty
With the aid of
A dirty walking stick
Alone, she dwells
In this small dark smoky hut
She snuffs her traditional tobacco
Squirming her grotesque face

Seldom do I see her laughing
Not even smiling
Always frowning, scowling and snorting
With her dark cloudy glazed eyes
Sharply leering, all round like a chameleon, angry

A monkey face, bony and scraggy
Dark tiny eyes in carven sockets
Saliva-flecked lips
Scattered in the graveyard are her preys
She bewitches and sickens
Blithely, she kills with no regret than a
Snake sloughing its skin
With unmitigated sadism

She is complacent of her diabolic cryptic occult life
Devoid of shame
So old, ugly and evil