Old age gets one, goes bad
From geniture to manhood
It enters our memory realm
Eating out all lodged grasp
And lit them with no choice

Whilst amble in the bone,
Our bodies feel fatigue
to find their amble way
Like a hungry sneak
sluggish on his way

The nadir now ripens hefty
It never steps lonesome
It’s seldom again got a douse
Even to have a step,
Is a seven time’s try

Look even my legs are stiff
Like a tree that rarely bends out
Lying in lonely forest
Among wonders of nature
Is it not that
The real me has kindled

I know all these things
How soon could this be
Perhaps I have grown much older
Because my eyes now lost their lit
And I can only glance with glasses

Oh the real me
Surely this should be true
Because I know the day
And I even know the time
Perhaps even the years
When I was a newborn

I guess no one can tell this
And I guess about nature these days
From my eyes to my nerves
From my flesh to my soul
And even my mind knows too

That I have lost the real me
The me that I have in me
The me of my life
And my life is now void
Like a man who loves
But takes away his life
Gambling his life to nature

Look, even the greenish about me
Has truly lost its shining colors
And all the who of myself
Has all faded a distance
Yes this has turned around
The wheel of life

And the mind is plugged
with a pained wonder
In this nature
And my eyes are burning
With flames of tears
And my mind is kindling
like an Orange moon ray

All around me
My hairs are trodden grey
And life is void to me
Likewise my hand
Likewise my body
Has gone out of style
Surely I have grown old now

Yes, surly I have become
Who I was from the original
The same way I was
That is how I have turned
This is the life we play
And everything about it
Is time.