Life is a mess
We all go through it
I guess we’re just mad
Because even crime we do it
But I should relax
Because I can at least say I have you
So I am okay.

Love hates us all
We’ve all been victims
Like when I felt my heart burst internally in a million pieces
Because love had told me it was gone
I sat wondering what I’ve been doing wrong all along
But that’s fine because my heart is now okay.

We lie to ourselves, we should know by now
That even if it looks good, the other side could be awfully bad
But I guess we’re just sad because nobody gets us
All of my heart is out naked and bleeding but still they don’t see me
Or are you fleeing from the fact, trying not to believe in me
Don’t worry because I’m at peace so I’m okay.

So you should be all that you want to be
Do all the things to do, still I got you
Because I’ll never stop believing
That someday if not today
You’ll be alright

As it came, it shall go
I’ll cover your weakness while you pull your strength to grow
So don’t be afraid to hold my hand
In any situation, I would walk with you through the dark
And I can promise you’ll be okay.