Oh! South Africa, the beautiful land of the Most High
An abode that used to have dignity and peace
A home that used to have admiration and obedience
A place that used to have adoration and compassion
Things now have been turned around

In politics, we comprehend corruption and anarchy
In societies, we realize the continuity of death day by day
In school, we see lack of charity and kids grooming
In churches, we see hypocrites and charlatans

What have happened Oh! South Africa!
South Africa! Where is your true dignity and identity?
Where are your respect and lawfulness?
Where are your leaders, the Kings of the soil?

What have we done wrong oh Kings?
Kings of South Africa, why are you so quiet?
Oh! Kings stand firm and question this lawlessness
Please take a lead, our country is falling apart

Our government need your assistance and guidance
Oh! Please don’t be so cowards,
stand firm and help our country
Why are you Kings so inaudible,
are you not tired of this displeasure?

Oh! South Africa gets back to your origin
Go back to your dignity and identity
Go back to you self-esteem and respect
Go get back your rich love and compassion
Oh! South Africa, The beautiful land of God.