The world has lost the sense of humanity,
And you are to blame,
You are the cause of corruption,
You turn leaders into pickpockets,
When the patriarchs beat on their partners,
You are found to be the root,
They inherited you from their own drunkard fathers,
You are the forefather of anger, hatred, and animosity,
You were the cause before we were born,
You seemingly will be the cause long after we depart,
From the world founded by you,
Funny how even the tycoons own you,
In their efforts to hide their evil deeds of greed,
Massacres are dedicated to your name,
Xenophobic attacks are attached to you,
Don’t you ever breed anything good?
Will you ever be able to escape the dark corners,
Find your way into the light?
Racism calls your name,
Chauvinists are acquainted with you,
Rapists were your friends,
Farther from the light you are,
A shelter for every mischief.