Our children are abducted and murdered like nothing on earth
Women bodies are sold like cupcakes by greedy men
Our grandmothers are raped by arrogant humans

Oh my beloved country what happened to humanity
What changed you?
What made you so cruel?

Our President has been charged and found guilty of unethical violation
But walks freely and lead our country.

While a student who’s protesting for free education is thrown into prison with no hesitation and walks out with a criminal record that will stick around for the next 10 years

My dear country you’re so new but yet so cruel
Politicians are living a lavish life and driving luxurious cars
While our children are starving

Government is funding a lot of money to people who once said apes were human
While education is not free

Government is funding a lot of money to people who claim they have found a new planet that is similar to earth, but will take 26 million years to reach
While people are still waiting for the promised houses and their shacks are washed away by stormers and have leakes in every corner

Oh, my dear beloved country what happened to you?
We were love, we were peaceful, we were united
We were new, We were proud and full of life