They always tell me that, to overcome all odds in life
I have to persevere, believe and stay positive.
I believed it all
But why are all these not paving way for my humble self in life?
Every time I want something, I’ve got to wait forever to have it
Maybe it’s a test of time to see if I’m worthy of owning such things

Sometimes I just give up and quit trying and save my breath
But eventually I realized it wasn’t meant to be mine
Life dangles such things right before my nose
To see if I would reach out and grab all I ever wanted
Or just watch as it pass me by
Now I just develop thick skin to let go of whatever I want but cannot have
I bury my emotion in a pit deep down in my heart and don’t speak of ill things
Just because I don’t want to burden anyone with my moans
These odds I face in life will mould me.