Obsession is love, love is obsession
Your love can’t be bitter anymore
It’s just my own super, long-lasting deodorant
Your arms are warm and I can stay forever
When I say I love you I mean it
From the top to the bottom of my heart
I’m obsessed to say I do
Trust, love, and miss you

I just cannot wait any longer
Obsession is killing me
But rebuilding our love
Like a love-sick teenage couple
Every second I feel like you’re with me
The smell of your heart embraces my life

Without me your love is empty
And no one will ever fall in love with you
Therefore allow me to say
Obsession is love and love is obsession
Because all this is done caused by love
You fall for me at your own risk
Because me and bae are so in love

People don’t be jealous
Congratulate and be happy for us
I’m loved, loving and obsessed with his love
Obsession is love and love is obsession