Swallowed by my thoughts,
Digested by my feelings and
Consumed by the mind, my
Guilty conscience is devouring
At my flesh, as a carcass of my
Former self remains.

I aim to obtain the knowledge
Of this vast world where lions
Are weak and impalas are strong,
The rich serve the poor, the dead
Are remembered and the living
Are forgotten.

The words “I love you” turn to
“I hate you”, friends abandon you,
Enemies lend a helping hand.

Dreams are chased after but never
Caught, man claim to be your right
Hand man but in their left hand
There is a dagger.

The spear of wisdom pierces the
Depths of the soul, but is easily
Healed by arrogance. Birds swim,
Fish fly, the world has turned evil,
The good perish, we cry but no one
Wipes the tears away.