You told me to be honest.
I sought the treasure within me.
You told me you wanted me to be loyal.
I found my addiction.
You told me you were all that I needed.
I found my island and Isolated myself.
You told me never to look for beauty anywhere
But in your eyes.
I blinded myself so that I could only see
Exceptional beauty that is yours.

You told me to love myself.
But I disagreed and said I love no other
Than the one who moulded me
And the one who formed these new emotions.
I made you cry and laugh.
But all you did was make an effort to fill up
The ocean in my eyes.
Perfection is what you seek.
When all I want is to be normal.
You asked for so much but I could never ask for anything in return.
It was the greed that drove you.
And it was the illusions that drove me.
Never again will that happen