The best night of my life.
Everything happened so fast;
In just the blink of an eye.

That was the best night of my existence,
But I do not know how I ended up here.
I mean, it was supposed to be all about fun.

My buddies called and invited me to come rock the party at KwiNoua Club.
I had never partied all night long before, but I swear I had it all under control.

That was the best night of my life,
But how did I end up in here?
One moment I was in the bar:
Really good music pumping from the speakers around,
My eyes glued to a beautiful lady who was breaking her back on the dance floor.

That, indeed, was the best night of my life.
I still have no idea how I ended up here.
I remember walking out of the club with a glass of whisky in my hand as I headed for my car.
Oh, I remember this too: there’s this chick, we walked out of the club together.
The car was parked just across the road from KwiNoua entrance gate.

Oh, that was the best night of my life.
Yet I would still like to know what really happened.
It was around 03:43am when I last checked the time.
I had a fully stocked cooler box on my car.
We had few drinks in there, the girl and I.
We were kissing passionately when suddenly she ordered that we get a private room.
I was wasted and couldn’t drive.
So, I suggested that we walk to the guesthouse down the road, but she refused and insisted that I ask one of my friends to drive us.

And so we sat, holding hands in the back seat with the cooler box beside me.
My friend Jay agreed to drive us home.
He was behind the wheel and had an empty bottle of Windhoek cider in his hand. I wondered why he never threw it out the window and opened another one.

Despite whatever happened that night, I still think it was the best night of my life.
Unfortunately, I really do not know how I died.
I refuse to believe the flashbacks that keep playing in my mind, NO I don’t believe that.
My friend was good, he was perfect. It all makes no sense.
Perhaps I must as well accept the flashbacks and work my way forward, the journey continues on this other new found world.

Here is what I saw before my eyes shut and I was in another world:
Jay must have been driving too fast because when he wrecked the car, I was sent from the back seat to the front, and out the windscreen and over the bridge. It didn’t hit me until that moment that I was supposed to be wearing a seatbelt, but I was too late.
It wasn’t long before the scene was filled with flashing lights, almost blinding me.
And I think I saw figures moving around me.

The figures were like shadows due to my failing sight. Some of these shadows were touching me but my whole body was numb, I couldn’t feel anything.
There was a one big shadow that just stood over my head, steady, not moving.
It looked somehow different from the others.

Somewhere between my consciousness and my unconsciousness, I figured out that these figures were people: SAPS, traffic police, tow-truck guys and paramedics.
I think I also heard voices standing looking down on me from both sides.

Male: I don’t know how I am going to face your mother after this, your whole family. They will probably all hate me. I won’t blame them though, I shouldn’t have agreed to drive you home when I was also drunk myself. I have to face jail time drinking and driving.

Female: So sorry about your friend. Can you believe I don’t know his name…

Male: His name is Christopher Dhlungwane.

Female: Uhm, okay. Could you please tell me more about him?

Male: Well, firstly he’s not just my friend but my best friend. We were so close. He was educated, holding a PhD in electrical engineering. The only child to his mother. He never get to know his father. And this is what kills me even more, history repeating itself, his girlfriend is pregnant with his first baby. He was looking forward to being a dad…

That was when the figure which had been standing above my head moved to my right, bent down, and grabbed me by my hand. We turned and walked away, leaving the figures still talking and my lifeless body behind.
My eyes then closed forever, the very end of my precious life.