Nothing but love
You’re the air that I breathe
Won’t do nothing that will hurt you
Absolutely nothing that will cause you pain
You can push me away, but I’ll always come back
All I can think of is you

Nobody wants to see us together
They want to see us apart
I don’t suppose you might leave me
They are irritated by this love
Too often, they get jealous
Unfortunately this love keeps moving
Nothing but love

They speak so much truth and lies about me
Keep that not in your mind
If I can’t be there to lift you up
I won’t help tear you down
I believe that I will never fail you
Jealousy exists, but still I Love You

Day and night
I will always be there for you
I’ll be there at 9am
To wake you up and say: Good morning, my Queen
I will also be there at 9pm
To say: Good night, my Angel
Love you by day, love you by night
Light or Darkness
My love remains
It is the Love that is Unchangeable
It is lifting me up
Polluting mind and dreams.
Nothing but love