Not the norm
says the mother
of 11-year-old
Amr Salie’s journey

author code writer
passionate about
reading and writing
(are we all not)
and he is a chess pro

A book-launch is had
Amr Salie’s Blameless
a thriller it is said
by he who has read
the Hardy Boys Dr Seuss
and Goosebumps too

Not the norm
the everyday
the stereotype
the standard grade of life
(as per protocol and etiquette)

The audience is wide-eyed
(a politician is hawking too)
as Amr’s mother tells tales
of him writing his book
on his dad’s broken phone
(he fixed it we hear)

Not the norm
an inspiration is he
keeping on the straight
and the narrow strait
(though his dad smokes
and now holds the baby)

Not the norm
mothers are urged
parents are urged
to listen and support
(and to nurture too)

which too often
is not the norm