The sun hit my face
As I sat in the taxi seat next to the window
With a pile of bags on my thighs
Hope kept the taxi in motion.

As the sun set I was in my crowdy town
Nothing has changed
I stepped out of the taxi
My eyes greeted the ‘Maqumbi area’

The land stared at me
With its sparkling eyes
Heavy wind made the grass dance
The dust scattered all over my face

I started walking with heavy bags around me
I was a cabbage with bags falling off
I reached home at last
Tears started falling off my cheeks

Great-grandmother has fallen off
She would be sitting on her usual spot
Worrying about food for tomorrow
“Usiphethe isinkwa sami noshukela?”
Those were her words to welcome me

“Babuya nini omama wakho?”
She would ask definitely
Durban has pressed them until they exploded
Only wishes of sending money home
My hero, my great-grandmother is not home