Not all women can be as strong as you.
You brought me up all by yourself.
You showed me love that no one else can.
Mom, you’re not forgotten.

Not all women can be as brave as you.
You always fought for us.
My security was your priority.
You always said:
“I’m your mother and father in this world”.
Mom, you’re not forgotten.

No woman can be as patient as you.
You were always on my side when I was wrong.
You were patient with me
When I was a nuisance to others.
You always tolerated me and my wrongdoings
Because you knew they’d be lessons in my life,
Lessons when you’re gone,
Gone to the land of no return.
Mom, you’re not forgotten.

There was never a day
When I thought of you in the past.
Mom, you’re not forgotten,
You’ll never be forgotten.
You can’t be forgotten because
You never forgot me, your son
And you named me Celimpilo Dlamini

I will flood this name with success
In your remembrance
Gone but never forgotten.