I don’t want fame
My mind’s stuck on flame
My blood is fuel and whenever these words came
Intercourse was to blame
Similar to mad lovemaking
That’s insane

Let me rectify my thoughts
Because I just finished prayin’
And then I forget what was my complaint
These kids are always playin’

High Tech competition busy
Cigarette is known to kill but still
They burn them white sticks while
Cells clash onto a membrane

After school I’ll turn into a slave
Have a family to provide for, home loans
And car insurance, now why can’t I be brave?

A nine to five disfigures the dreams that I’m weighin’
I gave in to what turned out, to what pressed pause in my life
The way it changed how I situate
With chains on my waist, ankles and wrists
It ended a misleading flight like a landing aeroplane

Don’t know if I’m ever going to take off
I just wish to keep embracing the love I’m receiving
Down here on the ground where it’s easy to remain humble.