Not empty pages
young Grade 7 readers
who participated
in the Reading Competitions

Not empty pages
quite full,
a keen interest
they have in reading
(and the three winners are girls)

Not empty pages
Librarians too
uniform in reddish
are inspiring reading
(they’re not just
wardens and keepers
of books on shelves)

Librarians inspire learning
is the one caption
Pupils pages ahead
is the witty other

Not empty pages
likewise elsewhere
Pelican Park High
and the Levana Primary
out Lavender Hill way

And not too long ago
some SHARE youth
met with a librarian
appropriately named Paige
at the Somerset West Library

Not empty pages
one and all

“Pupils ‘pages ahead’” and “Librarians inspire learning” (People’s Post Athlone, 15 September 2015). See also “New chapter for Pelican Park’s library” and “Help take book project through the roof – Levana Primary School” (Southern Mail, September 2 2015).

The long-serving and financially-strapped NGO SHARE Adult Learning and Development is just over the road from the Somerset West Library; where you’d find the librarian first-named Paige (and surnamed Malgas)!