(A prayer from a saved soul)
To bow down and praise HIS name, I’m not ashamed
To testify in front of millions upon HIS name
I’m not ashamed
To drop a tear and cry to him like a baby
I’m not ashamed

To carry his word in public and preach it
I’m not ashamed
To call him father the KING of kings
Still I’m not ashamed
In his presence every yoke and boundary breaks down

In this world I was but a sinner and with his hand I learned to
Now eyes look wide open at me they wonder how
What I know is that I’m not ashamed
I’m not ashamed to glance and reflect his presence to the lost
The presence of GOD

For I was once lost and found
Take a note and give out an ear to listen to his sound
For those who are deaf began to hear
For those who are lame stood up and began to dance
LORD GOD I’m not ashamed
I’m not ashamed to read your words for in them I find sense

Out of a lane of this world I was disqualified
But since I ran your race I found myself a greater chance
A greater chance to blow
A greater chance to flow
A greater chance to glow
I’m not ashamed to let everyone know

Know that the greater is the one who lives in me
Know that I was knocking on closed doors but to HIS I found a
Know that I was blind and now I’m able to see
When my enemies try to bring me down
Like the stem to the roots I’ll anchor myself to HIM

For I know winds will blow
But I’ll never be shaken
My love for you will not be mistaken
For you deserve it all
For you resist the faithful to fall
Faith…faith…faith… The only way to go through a wall
When they ask how?
I’ll shout don’t be ashamed