Turn your head and face the front,
Leave all that has passed in the past
Though good times’ memories always last
Slowly memories would cascade and with tears I’d no more cast
I smile to extenuate things yet it’s excruciating

I am not who you know from back then
The person who’d always cry when-
You started making me live with phobia and dread,
You slowly killed me, I can no longer feel the pain – it’s like am dead.
You destroyed all I had and my voice so I can no longer be heard

Why are you always there by me to be noticed?
To make me feel useless because ever since-
We separated you keep on reminding?
And I just keep wondering why can’t you see that what I had and felt is now ending?
Am I the one you’re blaming?

Oh it’s true, I used to bag,
But it’s all in the past, now all I do is brag.
Let’s focus on the future not what’s in the back.
Change is an easy thing to do but hard to adapt…
I am not the same person, “not anymore!”