I heard his steps outside the house
As he is mumbling something
I wondered what is to come
I just pretended to be asleep as he failed to unlock the door
I waited and waited
And well it took forever for him to open

He came in, slammed the door and insults were thrown to me
He blamed me for failing to open that door
I still pretended like I was still sleeping
So I could avoid all his complaining

He then went to the kitchen and opened the microwave to get his food
He took the plate out and all I could hear was silence
Seconds later I heard endless sounds of breaking glasses
I rushed to where he was
There he stood with an angry look on his face
I asked what was wrong as I was picking up all those broken glasses
And the food that was on the floor
He didn’t say anything
Instead he pushed me to the floor
And the microwave was thrown on top of my body
I suddenly felt like I was hit by a bus
I couldn’t move any more
My back was achy
My body felt quite shaky
My legs were trembling with fear
I could smell my blood
I felt as it reached down my scared face
Ending on the same floor where all the broken glasses were
For a moment everything was blur

I then regained my consciousness
This man that claimed to love almost tried to kill me
This man that I gave up my future for just to be a stay-home mother
Tried to kill me
He tried to kill me
And I have no idea why

As I was still in shock and caught up in my thoughts and emotions,
I balanced my painful body and stood
I looked at him seeking remorse or pity
Yet all I could see were eyes filled with so much anger and hatred
I could not utter a single word out of my mouth
Because I feared for my life

He began to shout
Complaining about the food and how cold it was
He told me I was useless and he regretted ever making me his wife
God, his words pierced right through my heart and shattered my everything
I was hurt
I mean how could he say such words knowing quite well
That I dedicated my whole entire life to him
I was his slave
And now I am his punching bag

I guess our chapter ended a long time ago
For this man had failed me
Now I can’t let my kids be fatherless because of me
Because I could no longer meet their father’s needs and expectations
Of what a good wife should be
I can’t fail my kids like this man failed me
Now I will only leave this house in a body bag
At the hands of a man I once loved


We are very concerned for the safety of all our readers and writers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to people when you are being abused. LifeLine has a free number you can call to speak to someone who understands: try 0861 322 322 or 021 461 1111. You can also call the domestic violence hotline: 0800 150 150. You can get help, for yourself and your kids.