We were once like two peas in a pot
Our emotions set ablaze like gasoline on a flame
Euphoria enveloped this transcending affection
Our souls glowed like a baby’s lips gleaming from saliva
But flecks of embers are what’s hovering above our heads
As our love mingles with ashen residues

I felt too much
I still feel

My mind tells me it’s over but my soul is unsatisfied
These spaces between my fingers long for yours to occupy
Though tears drench my eyes
I still yearn for your façade to reward me
with be-jewelled adornment, oh what a sight to see
Forgetting you is a foreign feat to my empty realm
I am being tormented by the nostalgic episodes where
Every song played traces back to US and every note written flood
Papers with images of your face

You kept promising to do better what you couldn’t do then,
But that is like sniffing opiate to cease the agony only for that moment
My sleeping has become anonymous as I’m bullied by melancholy
You knew dancing to the beat of your pulse
Is the only thing that kept me alive
But you made no demur in pulling out the plug of love
Dropping me like cinder from your hands
Dimming the clouds when you painted them grey
And now the forced smile I portray
Is trying to fight darkness with its dying beam