From the day I fell for her,
Was the same day I dreamt about her
This came like a vision
It should be accordingly

Nonhlahla, I miss you
Though it hasn’t been that long since I last saw you
But being with you now could be my routine
If I could just see you for a minute
That could satisfy my soul.

I would just give you a hug
Like this moment let me just give you
I felt the touch to my heart
As our chests connected together
My feelings popped out, I ran out of words

At that moment I held her hands
As our eyes transmitted a rhythm of sense
I got a hit, to stir up my feelings
I smoothly breathed life to her
As my left thumb brushed her dorsum

I don’t know, how can I breathe my words to you.
How can I make you quite understand
If there were words flowing in mind
I could try to let you understand.
But for now only few words that my heart have for you.

Nonhlahla, I love you