It took your guts and pure love
To stand in front of our nation,
Telling us not to give up
On our leaders that were in prison.
Leaders that gave us freedom.
You gave black people back then
The fighting spirit,
Hope that we almost lost
Because of the absence of our leaders.

Without you, many South Africans
Would have given up.
Without you, maybe Tata
Would have forgotten about us,
Maybe he would not have been elected
As the first black president of South Africa.
Maybe he would have given up,
Died between the rocks
In the hard labour of Robben Island.
Just maybe…

For being there for us,
For standing with us,
Even when they tried to humiliate,
Intimidate, break you down
By sending you to prison,
Taking you away from your family,
Children and us.
It’s so funny that they thought you’d surrender,
Not knowing you were the strong one
Among other contenders.

We are free today because of you,
Because of your pure love
And sacrifices for our nation,
Nomzamo Winnie Madikizela Mandela,
May your soul rest in peace,
We thank you and wish to have strong,
Brave and courageous women a lot like you.