It is said that she died sad
Her old scars were bleeding
She was carrying a heavy heart
No doctor could heal her
No amount of medicine could numb the pain
She was helpless
She was hopeless
She took her life
Nomathemba is no more

I wrote countless poems to her
Including “Wipe your tears Nomathemba”
Trying to console and encourage her
But I was too late to save her
Her first death was on that night she was raped by her father
Her second death was on that day we refused to believe her

She lost herself forever
Life was just unpleasant in her view
“Who rapes their daughter?” she wept
“Why are you only telling us now?” we asked

We killed her
We stigmatised her
She was even afraid to go out
She lived her life in one space
She took her life
Nomathemba is no more