From satanic rock
to the sound of Motown
(Led Zeppelin to Stevie Wonder)

From crisis to crisis
what crisis if you get
my train of thought

Nobody’s fault but mine
declares a higher-up
risking his gravy-place
and a political promotion

it’s my friends he says
and their friends too
(blame it on the Alliance)

Another points away
to the other silos
washing his hands

(when times are dark
friends get rough)

Blame it on the Alliance
Blame it on the sun
Blame it on sabotage
(must be some angry forum)

(it’s been done before
in our Bolt from the Blue
stage of the New SA
if you can recall the call)

For how long
will this narrative
be maintained

At this stage

“It is our own failure that led to load-shedding” – Lizeka Tandwa,, 12 December 2019 and “Power failure: Red tape (and Gwede Mantashe) are keeping us in the dark” – Daily Maverick, Stephen Grootes, 11 December 2019.