When I was a child
I was immersed in childish thoughts
And walked childish ways
I confused lust with love
I believed his words
And gave it out with no value
I did it over and over again
I thought where my heart went
My body should follow
Promises of love that will never end
I gave my garden so he could tend
I lost my worth and ceased to be me
I gave him power over me
To hurt and use me as he pleased

He abused me with his words
Killed me with his actions
He broke my heart
Crushed and Trampled
Useless and worthless
He took and took
He never gave
He ate and ate
He never got full
Nearly, slowly
He consumed me to nothingness

Flipping through pages
I received a wake up call
If you don’t give yourself value, no-one can
If you don’t realise your worth,
The world will take it all for free
So I put my foot down
And left him with a frown
I took my crown
And shut it all down
I told him “No! Sex is now off the table”
The doors have closed
Cause I found you flawed
I have weighed you and found you lacking
Understand! I have recalled my worth
From now on
I won’t let you come forth
The gates are shut till the day I say “I do”