Politicians scratch
the backs of their own

No one’s perfect
(well maybe only
that one rugby player
from foreign shores
that came to us local ones)

a talking head was
wrapped in cotton wool
a bit of damage control done
rather than sleaze charges
and a new orange jumpsuit

No one’s perfect
say our military veterans
of one Carl Niehaus
He a trained commissar
(good at communications)

(He a former National Spokesperson-felonious
and a trained liar and a trained fraudster)

No one’s perfect
our military veterans say
a corrective measure
is in order and not punishment
(Is this radical transformation?)

(might that be why
apartheid-era golfers
decorate the nation’s
Sports Hall of Fame)

There seem no longer
to be role models, just
a selective morality

Politicians scratch
the backs of their own
(secret ballots or not)

No one’s perfect