It hurts seeing your tears,
At all times seeing you so mad,
At times I feel it’d be better if I face all my fears,
And cease all that makes you sad,
But day by day things seem to get more and more bad.

I tried so hard to lighten your way,
Wrote hurting stories about you every day,
And gave them to you to listen as I’d play,
Still you ignore facts, I tried everything even to pray,
But I am not flabbergasted, you never listen to what I say.

You only remember me when you aren’t alright,
As you’d stay and shout all night,
Because it’s bad and you’re having a fight,
I wish you could ignore darkness and focus on the light,
In my heart the sadness in your face does bite.

You have now turned your back even on me,
Is this how things should literally be?
Your kids are hurting and dying inside,
But you’re too busy to notice that,
They have no one else to turn to.