There I was, breathing and bleeding,
It is like I am invisible,
Nobody sees me or notices me,
Hello, help, I am here.
In the streets there I sat, blood covering me.
No one cares to stop or even look at me.
No one sees me

I am breathing, I am alive, wait! I see them,
I know them, help! Help, I shout my lungs out for help.
They walk past me like I am a tree,
Providing them with what they need
But not showing any appreciation.

I stood up, cleaned my own blood,
I put a smile on my face,
There I went to face the world,
And ooh yes it did look at me.
They saw me and waved in demands
And I had to provide.

So does the world see you in their needs
And ignore your in pain?
Does it matter? Do I matter? Do you see me?
Because I am one of the walking dead.
No one sees me until they are needy,
My emotions were killed, there I remained invisible.

Someday the world will know about me.
And someday it will see me for who I am.

No one sees me