As I continue to settle in this place
Nothing was ever the same
Nothing was never new
Same old, same cold

She’s locked inside closed doors
Hiding in her newly found territory
From the sights of the lost and found
Nothing profound here for John and Mary

Thato was her best friend, the premier
She left her to become a foreigner in this
Strange place
A fresh woman from Meadowlands
Still, she couldn’t find anyone prettier

This place is no ordinary extra place
Gossip Girls and IT Girls
That’s no likeness of her personality
As she stands at the gate
Watching them mock at her uniqueness

She has a big head with big dreams
Big smile with little of sleep
Perceived as the Holy Bank Sheep of this community
No blank sheets of paper as she writes
Down her soul and mind

This place is a piece of drama-thriller
That she writes about
She still feels forever new in this strange place
As she hears gunshots, whispers,
maddening screams, voices in her hear
Music that plays all day and night

God, Pen and Paper, her life
She seeks, prays for love and Thato
Writes about life, love and Thato
Reads about love, life
And she cries for Thato
For cancer read her life away
She found Precious
And she remains with no new friends