You ain’t the problem here, the problem is me
Actually it’s onto me,
Loving you is the crime I committed
I’m done checking up on you,
Hoping you gonna come back
Gone are those days when I would wait
For the call that ain’t existing at all

I promise not to bother you any more,
I’m done trying for impossible reunion
It still rings as yesterday when you promised not to let go of me
But you did, that’s where all the trust broke into pieces
Pieces that can’t be mended any more

I’m done lying to myself that you are mine
The reality revealed that in your heart I’m unknown
There will be no more me in your life
With you I’m done, I’m letting go of you as you did to me
Go and be with the one you love.

No more wiping and worrying over you
My feelings for you gonna die today
The burial of our love is now
I’m done pushing to nowhere