Good morning, death. I hope you’re well
In case you’re wondering, I am that soft little soul you robbed of a parent years ago,
I was a soft innocent soul, all I quivered for
Was a soft hug, a tender kiss, and parental love, yet you found the time, time to break us apart.

When you were slowly sipping his soul down your throat, they called you cancer,
They said you were corrosive,
Moments after moments, we were slowly but surely losing a part of him,
Tears broke like volcanoes covering the land in an instant, and whoever steps down shall descend the stairs of death,
You took love before I knew it ever existed,

My heart is a canvas of sorrows,
Demons reminiscing in resonant voices,
That you took my voice before I knew how to pronounce “dad” and engraved “dead” instead. I watched his soul ascend from his body without a goodbye, then he reached out his hand,
Quivering as if overwhelmed by fear, and
Ruffled my hair, he wanted to shed his last tear, perhaps utter his last words that could echo across decades, but he couldn’t, I was six years old, And not ready for such a breakdown

The mud subsides when the waters calm,
Like a seed underneath the snowy winter,
My voice has been shattered by your aftermath, I took a long black train to a
“No man, no cry” world; an imaginary planet,
One that is engraved on the mind of a broken soul, seeking to finally settle with an old foe,
Just until the roar settles into a thunder,
Until we know that an ocean is a sink for carbon dioxide, the pain subsides.