No I’m not Lonely;
It’s just that my heart has been butchered
By a wrecking ball whilst it was still mending.
I’m just so bruised at the moment,
I’d rather fall in love again, later rather than soon.

No I’m not Desperate;
I just think it’s fair for anyone not to fall in love
With me at this point.
You see I know what it’s like, to
Pour a gift of love to a careless soul,
It’s an unnatural torturing pain I wish no one would

No I’m not Self-centered;
I’d rather not flirt and tickle your emotions
Just to spit them out afterwards and
Helplessly watch as they drown
In the depths of my ocean’s cruelty.
I’d rather enjoy the healing days of my life,
And be kind to myself just this once.
You see I’d rather be true
To you than being unkind.

No I’m not a Narcissist;
I’m just not prepared yet,
To have my name
Written down in the book of heartbreakers
It just won’t fit.

No I’m not Shy;
But I’d rather shy away
And shut down your feelings
Gentle in dismay.

No I’m not Indifferent;
I’m as unique as you are,
Just not trying to fit in.

So please…