I have been through
Cold nights hiding
Myself from these
Blistering thunderstorms
The sky is my roof
The trees are my wall
There is no blanket to pull
No shelter to hide
My shivering body

My complexion changes
Every single day because
When it is sunny the sun
Shines on me.

When it is rainy
It also rains on me
I have given up on life

The only rest i will have
is when i die leaving no
One to bury me
The only friends I have
Are Animals. Would they
Be able to bury me?
Or they would just eat me!

After all they are Animals
They are tend to eat meat
But am their friends
Because of hunger am no
Longer meat am just bones
That`s why they don`t eat me

And I love them
But i do not trust them
What can i do to regain

Become thief to steal
And provide for myself
NO! God did not create
Me as a thief am honest
ma a lucky guy

But luck does not seem
To get into my way
Everything that is amazing
is worth waiting for
So am waiting for my success
And glory
I just believe