Nine months staring at the walls,
Wondering when my time will be,
Contemplating my next moves…
Strategising a way out!

Nine months feeling worthless,
Useless, unappreciated,
Rejected and nonexistent.
Who am l?
What am l?
Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Nine months on the cross!
Carrying a very heavy burden,
Trying to cross the river Jordan.
Soles on my feet, scars on my face
Determination in my soul.

Nine months under a rock,
Incarcerated by politics, family drama,
Socio-economic issues penetrating
Into my already tearjerker of a life…

Nine months learning, enduring, growing.
Up the mountain, down the fountain.
Kicking, screaming, winning, losing and crying.
But wait! Listen…I have a crown in my hand.
I am an African King!