Just like a nightmare
With insects which
I fear
But unlike this nightmare
This is reality
Now I’m feeling like a dead spirit

Here, there are spiders
Unpleasant flowers with spooky feathers
And dark cloudy weather

In this place emotional pain is king
And cruelty rules like a queen
Now I’m their prince.

I feel like my heart is being ripped out of me
The pain not letting me be
With tears washing the blood off me.

Now I’m heartless
With no reason to love
Leaving me emotionless.

It’s like I’m passing through hell
But all painless
Making it all painful.

What is this place?
Hitting me hard in the face
I kept on fighting fate
But had to surrender to mate.

In this place, it is hell
But I’m not scared to take a step
Coz I don’t feel anymore
Isn’t that just strange?