Fly away nightingale
For this is no fairytale
And a girl starts to pale

This is a nightmare
So don’t lay your soul bare
This is no fanfare

Don’t you dare
Don’t stop and stare
This isn’t just another scare
Don’t try and care

The girl will scream
When she sees the stream
For this ain’t no dream

This is a nightmare
Don’t stare
Don’t care
Don’t lay yourself bare
For this is more than a simple scare

This is a haunting
And the night is quite daunting

For it will taunt
And haunt
When the girl realises it isn’t like the fairytales
She slowly pales

She starts to run
Before it starts to burn
Far away
Don’t you dare stay
This isn’t a play
So run until it’s once again day

Run till you hear the mockingjay
Then rest you may
Till the last sunray
Then once more you should run far away

Once the nightingale takes flight
Know it’s time to fight

At the flight of the nightingale
You’ll realise once more this is no fairytale

Once night starts to haunt
The wolves will start to taunt

But at mockingjay wave
You will be safe