A long time ago
Before you and I were there
There was order
With trees bossing with flare
Every year
A new fruit or veggie popped out
At that time there was even talk of a drought

With the change of hands
A foreign seed
Started to breed
The old veggies and fruits started to bleed
They were scared of the new seed
Would there be better fruit or would it be worse?
Would the kingdom still be able to sojourn?

Soon the kingdom was trampled upon
New breeds of foreign seeds were welcome
New seeds amongst the old seeds
Together they would sometimes bleed
The grounds started to rattle
The roots started to break
Soon and pretty soon
The crop’s state was at stake

“The good apples
falling from the trees
And their seeds are sprouting elsewhere”

Oh no!
It can’t be true
The bad apples
Enclosed in a caste
Filled with hatred and distaste
They are so sour and so bitter
They are so difficult to consume
Difficult to bloom
In darkness
All around the room

The fresh apples started to bloom in foreign soil
Adapting to a different climate
With plenty of sunshine and water
For them to bloom tall
The apples’ and veggies’ seeds
Started to bloom all around with zest
It started a new, blossoming contest
No more drought and darkness
For the seed
No more competition for it to bleed
Now they are at peace
As a New Kingdom
Has set them free