I felt like a king
For every eye was upon me
But it was just the eye of amazement
A place far from home
I was new as a pair of takkies fresh from the box
The manner in which I talked put the lime light upon me
How I walked made those by my side kneel
For my walk had authority
Being new at a strange place

But to me I felt like I was an island
Because everyone feared me
I had all the beauty
But the desire of being welcomed and accommodated
In a foreign land was never there
I knew I had to make amends and talk to the people
But my voice was as powerful as a lions roar

I was once new at a lot of places
But this one is strange
The more I try to mingle with the people of this place
The more they push me away
I can’t afford being alone
I need to do something about this

Being in a strange place doesn’t mean I am a stranger
But only implies not being conformed to the manner of those people’s lives
I have to leave my kingship and dress in a servants uniform
Being new in a strange place, I have to adapt to a new life
The place only stays strange in my eyes but not to my way of living
Being new in a strange place, there is a lot to learn