The past will haunt the present
Be it good or bad
The lion’s share still in the hands of the rude
Blood that spills is for the beleaguered still

Rage brewed by the streets reveals old scars
Images of the status quo and political relevance captured
As Afrika needs a new philosophy and religion as threads
And a language as a needle to sew the gaps in between

Water thickens and blood grows light within the rage
The muse of such acts driven by capital desires
It is family feuding in the new age
The enemy watches from a distant eye

The native song cracked in lyrics unsung
Fools and foreigners at it once again
The resemblance in between as a reminding token
The right ones burning the rightest wrong

Poison so sweet the street sells cheap
No enemy but time
From all spheres education chaotic when collide
The burning emotions had the land in wreckage mood

Fire upon streets named after freedom fighters
It is the claim of freedom that had ashes in the midst
The two sides of money are in a battlefield
Is there a rich man who is not ruthless?

Dead bodies pile up as the smoke rises
The anger burns while the building slums
The bondage of mind is a blame game
An attempt to fix the rusty hype