I remember one day,
when I was a gentleman,
Where I would get anything I need
At any time I want.

Life was so good.
Everywhere I passed by,
people would give me a round of applause,
people would whistle at me,
people would say, here is the man amongst other men.

I used to be a friend with entertainment,
in order to get everyone’s attention,
Not seeking for respect.

Pushy and charming at school,
with expensive items
That were bought with stolen money,
for an exchange for fame,
fame that has led me,
into being a prisoner,
that was my style.

At church, the priests would follow my rule,
at home, I was the only one who was always in charge,
At tavern, they were all
dancing to my tune.
The only voice
that would be heard was mine

When I’m around,
My friends always knew
They would never be broke.
When I’m around,
Drug addicts would never crave
For any drug and never get it
When I am around,
Alcoholics would never get thirsty,
Because every item would be on me,
money spender was my middle name

Not aware that one day,
Life would knock me out
because I was too clever and smart,
To see all my wrongs
Because I was a man with pride,
That I can admit all my mistakes

My family would always give me a warning,
hanging with a wrong crowd,
was one of the temptations
That led me to danger.
Because I could not see
The consequences from it.

Now I’m eating the left overs for being a clever
From being a charmer,
to being a prisoner.
From being a money spender,
to a poor unwanted man
Never say never,
for you do not know
when it is going to get dark for you.