I’ve given you nothing except true love
Practised the sacrifice now and then for your benefit
Engaged myself with situations your way, through you
I’ve never let you fall because you weren’t going to wake up again
I tried all the endeavours to keep you close to my heart.

I gave you the love you never deserved
Simply because I misunderstood you by thinking that you deserved it
Healing you the wounds though opened by your past was what I did best
Being the professor of everything you needed means nothing to you today
The true felling I had for you were for real but hopefully someone out there is waiting for me.

Wherever you go remember one thing that love is no child’s play
Never use the word love in vain again because you know not love
You were my precious angel until you broke my heart and walked away from me
I supported you in whatever that you felt like doing as long as it was right
One day you will look back and wish to at least have said sorry for ever hurting me.

What you did never changed the guy, but made me more loving and strong instead
Someday regrets will embark your way but please never bother me again because life goes on
I loved you to a point that I fooled myself enough that you were my future investment
I wish to had known you before the beginning to be aware of your danger zone
With no hard feelings I wish you all the best because you deserve it even though you have your mistakes.

To me it’s never too late to punish you but I’m certainly not interested
Nor is too early to forgive you but to prove that I’m not into you I did
I just put my hopes in your current lover to punish you for me
For your sake never remind yourself of “us” because there’s no coming back
I warn you to never hurt the heart that loves you because you will forever lose it.