When I told you it was over?
My honey, I have lied.
I have been running from my visible shadow.
I am sinking ship that’s burning.

I’ll leave an autograph on my chest.
How I am supposed to love you
When I can’t stand the man I am?
It does not matter who you meet on the way.

Believe in me.
The heart is the best photographer.
But I don’t forget what you felt next to me.
With a feeling in the soul of emptiness.
Teach me to live as you do.

Taught me to be different
From a fragile ego man
So as not to feel the pain
So that I forget about all my worries
To think of only how adorable and wonderful you are

Could this be too emotional for you?
I want you to recognise me and love me.
How can I be over you
When your memories are still with me?