Ndine Chewa
That is why I speak Chichewa
Though they discriminate against it
Look down upon it
Laugh upon it
I am still Chewa

I am a proud Malawian who says No to bullies
I am a proud Malawian who isn’t embarrassed of who she is
I am the daughter and grand-daughter of a Chewa
I dance proudly in the streets of South Africa boasting about my language
Because Ndine Nchewa

Though foreigner is my other name
I still eagerly await my chances of showing how proud I am to be a Chewa
I speak English, Chichewa and a little Afrikaans
And I will still say

I am Chewa
Ndine Nchewa
Ek is’n Chewa
Ek is lief vir my taal
Ek is baangrik, my taal is belangrik
Ek is ’n Chewa